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  • SUP Licence
  • Get up - Stand up
  • Comprehensive Introduction to SUP


All new studens must complete a dry land lession:
  • Paddle Size
  • Where to stand on the board
  • Get up - Stand up
  • Paddle Technique
  • Safety and Potential Dangers
  • River and Current
  • What to do if I fall in?
  • Boats and Paddle Steamers
  • Life Jackets
  • How to care for the boards


We hit the water!!
  • Help students to their feet and find balance
  • Turning the board
  • Staying safe

Once our students are SUP ready your licence will be granted. SUP Licence can also be granted during any supervised lessonor paddle. At Echuca/ Moama SUP we want to make sure everyone can be safe on our boards unsupervised.